Preparing youth for what’s coming

It’s our duty to support each others by all means to tackle the challenges of global warming.

I train young people (students or not) to deal with the complex social and environmental crisis so they can be ready for a working life with purpose while learning how to have a sustainable impact on society.

The unique learning experience I have created allow participant to integrate the skills required to become ethical team members by practicing authentic communication, top execution and caring approach. We explore together how to focus and work with the available tools, as well as to develop creativity and self-confidence to manage our climate change stress and challenges. Learning more from the impact sphere, meeting and networking with other impact entrepreneurs is an important part of the experience.

Lectures and workshops

I’m happy to give lectures and workshops for more empowerment. My focus are:
- Back to basics: what’s your ethic?
- Creativity in entrepreneurship: pioneering and piloting
- Team work with impact: authentic communication
- Execution with impact: how will you get there?
- How do you finance sustainable impact?
- Handling pressure: do not meditate!
- Self empowerment: the no-time mindset
- The real network: where is your tribe?

Sustainable and Impact Club

For universities, high schools, or associations to train young participants to what’s coming I offer a new learning experience made of social shakedowns, global warming, and pandemics.

I dynamically combine workshops (with roles games), challenges and events. One member of the pedagogical Finnish team is needed to cooperate on this and learn how to run a Sustainability and Impact Club based on the methodology I created at Tamk. The outcomes and the spirit of this work is presented in more details on this site.

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What participants say

« To sum up, joining and contributing to both two sessions of Sustainability and Impact Club is one of the most sensible decisions I have ever made during my studies. » Song T.

« I did not only learn so much about local sustainability efforts in Tampere through all the meetings and discussions; the topics covered in session 1 and the resources shared on our Whatsapp group gave me the decisive input for my Master’s thesis research. » Tatjana B.

« I have realized, by writing this paper, that my eco-anxiety has been drastically decreasing. I have been getting so much involved and busy with the challenges that I didn’t have as much time as before to feel anxiety by feeling useless. It allowed me to control and balance this energy overflow, recycling it into motivation and determination. » Juliette C.

« The most valuable gift that I got was how this process taught me to understand how important it is to listen and not reject - because of being experienced and “on a mission”. [...] The club provided me an opportunity to grow as a person and artist, and as I mentioned in an earlier feedback about the club (session 1): it should be mandatory for every student. » Tina J.

« Thanks to this discussion I realized that I have more impact that I thought in my daily environment. » Meredith C.

« I have improved my team working skills, and my professional behavior. Besides that, the club also made me have a contact with the entrepreneurial world which helped me build entrepreneurial skills and values. » Raysa F.

« The most inspirational about meetings with entrepreneurs was that they were showing that it is possible to launch successful working business that could make a change. It is unfortunately rare to get to know about these examples in everyday life, thus it was so important to hear about them from real entrepreneurs. » Maria V.

« From a team working perspective I learned to rely on my team rather than trying to push myself too much to finish a task. It was actually a great feeling to have this kind of trust in my group, which usually lacks in similar type of projects I’ve had to do during my studies. This is probably due to the fact that we were all here voluntarily and working on a challenge that inspired us all. It was a lot of hard work but extremely rewarding when I reached my goals, and not only did I reach them, I exceeded them as well. » Amanda P.

Quotes from TAMK students participants.

→Contact me and let’s prepare the future together.