Empowerment and Adaptation

What does it mean to be empowered? It means to develop enough critical thinking and enough courage to align your actions with your sustainable values and adapt to climate change challenges.

Being more sustainable when we are all running everywhere, understanding the depth of the eco-challenges and integrate new behavior is a constant process of personal transformation, awareness and adaptation. Based on a decade of action as a social entrepreneur, I’m here to support you in dealing with the different aspects of the social and environmental ongoing crisis.

Even though many curricula, coaching and companies do integrate elements of sustainability, we are still far from the core of a systemic change approach. That is why I have decided to create my own learning experience.

How can you be more sustainable? What is social entrepreneurship? Who and where are the pioneers actually solving problems and who can inspire us? How do we cope with climate distress (also called "eco-anxiety" or "solastagia")? How do we stay focus and persistent when the world is collapsing? How can we overcome obstacles with creativity? The unique learning experience I have created allow you to integrate the skills required to become an ethical team members by practicing authentic communication, creative execution and caring approach.

Together (1:1 or small group), we explore how to focus and interact more sustainably within your three environments (personal growth, relationships and work).

Tools for eco-empowerment: content of the main workshop

The recommended duration is 6 x 1h30. The content can be adapted to your available time.

1) Personal growth mapping and motivation: what’s your sustainable ethic?
2) Handling pressure: do not meditate.
3) Positive communication: authenticity and vulnerability.
4) The resilient network: how to build bridges?
5) Work with impact: how will you really get there?
6) Creativity and transformative mindset: pioneering, piloting.

More modules related to social entrepreneurship soft skills can be added. Just ask me!

Services for Executives

Together, we create your new "sustainable normal". My role is to empower you to unleash your potential for the positive impact you want to make.

We start with the Leadership for purpose for you or the leading team with workshops and 1:1 or small team sessions. This step is all about clarifying your motivation, preparing our tools box with what you have and mapping the journey.

We continue with the Social and impact business acceleration to plan thoroughly the execution of the vision, align with your internal and external existing communication and evaluate the first results.

Two other workshops are also available for companies with 3+ employees:
- Human resources for crisis time
- Execution with impact.
These 2 workshops are the basis of a culture of care and sustainability for all your staff.