Sustainable and


companies shape

the future


Eva Wissenz

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Your company shapes the future :

be sustainable and transformative


In a post-covid19 world, there will be no healthy production lines without teams working with a sustainable and transformative mindset.

Sustainability and transformation are key to adapt to
economical challenges, and global warming crisis. Both are
linked to a clear, deep and daily connection to your
company’s core values.

The way we embody our focus on core values and how
we express them in our daily working life is going to
play a key role in the future of the society.


Helping you to create sustainability vision with your team !









Impact workshops for all personnel :

staff and executive level


1. Human resources for crisis time
Empower your team members to reconnect with impact they already have in their lives.
Offer de-stress space to share about the “crisis” and “climate change”.
2. Execution with impact
Engage your team to take responsibility of the impact through their work.
Build together more sustainable practices from the current routines.
3. Leadership for purpose
Review the core values of your company and analyse your current resiliency toward change.
Create agile A-Z roadmap from the values to personal vision of your company.
4. Social and impact business acceleration
Utilize the insights how your business can be impactful, transformative, social and sustainable.
Execute the vision through your existing tools and align with internal and external communication.


Improve the capability for change in your company !