What participants say:

From Natalia Gromova, Tampere Talent Ambassador 2021, after a workshop: "Last week Tampere Talent Ambassadors were invited to the workshop on Sustainability at Bloom Tampere. [...] The workshop was hold by wonderful Eva Wissenz, social and impact entrepreneur, founder of Solar Fire Concentration Ltd based at Platform6. I was impressed by Eva’s soft approach which justified to me one important thing.
The Sustainability is much deeper than just actions. It is a process of personal transformation which is a lot about education, mindfullness, questioning and critical thinking. And it is a constant process. Investigating. Setting the aims. Building a strategy. Doing one thing per day. Building a new own style and path step by step.
With no pressure because the way to sustainability should also be sustainable!
A workshop full of positivity and inspiration! Once again, many thanks to Eva Wissenz for sharing wisdom, Bloom Tampere for inviting us and Kelly Keodara for organizing!" (Full post on Linkedin)

Individuals and entrepreneurs support (in French) :

« Eva, les derniers entretiens avec toi m’ont donné beaucoup d’énergie, de confiance et d’élan de vie. De conscience aussi. Je sens combien j’ai changé, je me sens plus autonome, plus pleine, plus vraie aussi. Je me sens surtout honorée par notre échange et ce que tu montres, transmets, partages. » Elisabeth L.
« Chère Eva, je te remercie d’avoir senti l’urgence de ma détresse. Ce que tu fais passer est très fort. J’avais besoin de temps pour intégrer. Aujourd’hui, je t’écris pour te dire que mon entreprise se porte mieux, et moi aussi ! » Anneke J.

« Mille mercis pour ce beau cadeau que tu m’as offert, pour ton écoute, ton aide et ton soutien. Je ressens tellement de gratitude pour toi et pour l’amie qui m’a permis de te rencontrer... » Pascale C.

« Je ne sais comment vous dire ma gratitude, les mots viendront peut-être tout à l’heure, mais vous ne pouvez peut-être pas mesurer à quel point je suis touchée par tout ce qui passe par vous, l’apaisement, les confirmations, la lumière…. Depuis toute petite, ce sentiment d’être différente (on me disait toujours que je n’étais « pas comme les autres »…) qui lutte avec la crainte de me croire « spéciale »… C’est comme si tout cela se simplifiait maintenant.. » Rose B.
« Tes accompagnements donnent chair aux intuitions et je suis heureuse de ce soutien essentiel dans cette grande transition de ma vie. » Diane S.
« Chère Eva, je vais bien, les deux derniers entretiens avec toi m’ont donné beaucoup d’énergie, de confiance et d’élan de vie. De conscience aussi. Merci !! » Pierre P.

Student’s feedback:

The learning experience I have created for young adults dynamically combines workshops (with roles games), sustainable challenges and events.

The outcomes and the spirit of the first Sustainability and Impact Club created at Y-Kampus-Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) in Finland are presented in full details on this platform. After our sessions, their motivation and commitment to sustainability has been highly reinforced and they created students associations or found sustainable jobs.

Here is what the participants said about the training.

« To sum up, joining and contributing to both two sessions of Sustainability and Impact Club is one of the most sensible decisions I have ever made during my studies. » Song Tran - International business
« I did not only learn so much about local sustainability efforts in Tampere through all the meetings and discussions; the topics covered in session 1 and the resources shared on our Whatsapp group gave me the decisive input for my Master’s thesis research. » Tatjana Bloom - Leadership for change program at TAMK
« I have realized, by writing this paper, that my eco-anxiety has been drastically decreasing. I have been getting so much involved and busy with the challenges that I didn’t have as much time as before to feel anxiety by feeling useless. It allowed me to control and balance this energy overflow, recycling it into motivation and determination. » Juliette Caillé - Exchange student, Sciences Po Paris

« The most inspirational about meetings with entrepreneurs was that they were showing that it is possible to launch successful working business that could make a change. It is unfortunately rare to get to know about these examples in everyday life, thus it was so important to hear about them from real entrepreneurs. » Maria Vlasova - 3d year Energy & Environment Engineering at TAMK

« The most valuable gift that I got was how this process taught me to understand how important it is to listen and not reject - because of being experienced and “on a mission”. [...] The club provided me an opportunity to grow as a person and artist, and as I mentioned in an earlier feedback about the club (session 1): it should be mandatory for every student. » Tina Jokitalo - Photographer and video artist
« I have improved my team working skills, and my professional behavior. Besides that, the club also made me have a contact with the entrepreneurial world which helped me build entrepreneurial skills and values. » Raysa França - Leadership for change program
« Thanks to this discussion I realized that I have more impact that I thought in my daily environment. » Meredith Chuzel-Marmot - Leadership for change program at TAMK
« From a team working perspective I learned to rely on my team rather than trying to push myself too much to finish a task. It was actually a great feeling to have this kind of trust in my group, which usually lacks in similar type of projects I’ve had to do during my studies. This is probably due to the fact that we were all here voluntarily and working on a challenge that inspired us all. It was a lot of hard work but extremely rewarding when I reached my goals, and not only did I reach them, I exceeded them as well. » Amanda Pokki - 3d year Energy & Environment Engineering at TAMK
« I really enjoyed the program that you taught and led last spring. Your passion and compassion for sustainability is truly inspiring. » Robert Steward Jr. - International Business at TAMK, Thesis about meta data analysis of deforestation in the Amazon, and Sustainable Business Management program