Supporting impact entrepreneurs

As an impact entrepreneur myself working in the sustainability field since a decade with an international team, I know the song and dance of it, in the field and remotely.

Climate change is real. Over planning, numbers, strategies are needed but strong human’s skills and visions are going to be needed even more. I help you to adapt your current or future activity to the ongoing social, economical and environmental crisis. Together we go beyond CSR.

In a post-covid19 world, there will be no sustainable production lines without teams working with a transformative mindset. The way entrepreneurs embody their focus on core values and how they express them in the daily working life is going to play a key role in the future of a stable society.

You wish to be more sustainable but you don’t really have time to go for it as much as you would like to? I’m here to help you achieve that... and believe me we’ll get there!

I act as a facilitator to help you and your team to embody your sustainable vision using all the tools you already have.

Together, we create and implement resilient strategies to increase the purpose of your business.

Services for Executives:

Together, we create your new "sustainable normal". My role is to empower you to unleash your potential for the positive impact you want to make.

We start with the Leadership for purpose for you or the leading team with workshops and 1:1 or small team sessions. This step is all about clarifying your motivation, preparing our tools box with what you have and mapping the journey.

We continue with the Social and impact business acceleration to plan thoroughly the execution of the vision, align with your internal and external existing communication and evaluate the first results.

Two other workshops are also available for companies with 5+ employees:
- Human resources for crisis time
- Execution with impact.
These 2 workshops are the basis of a culture of care and sustainability for all your staff.

1:1 Boosting Sessions:

Where You Are, With What You Have:
You seek for change in your professional life? More coherence and purpose? You’d like your daily activity to be more aligned with your ethics? Either as leader or as team member, it’s time for you to bring oxygen here and fully embody your sustainable values. To support you, I have developed a personal approach for you to define the sustainable change you desire and to learn how to surf on all the possibilities of this wave!

How do we define a sustainable change? Easy. It’s the positive impact you have day after day to make this world a better place to live in. No perfection required here, just authentic desire, clear ideas and... a bit of discipline (but don’t worry, when you’re motivated it’s easy).
My role is to boost you and help you find your way to an aligned working life generating positive impact.

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