Content creation and events organization

- Sept. 2019: the website is created to highlight sustainable events and people in Tampere and Pirkanmaa region.

- 2019- 2020: I run the Sustainability & Impact Club of Tampere University and create a plateform to highlight the challenges taken by the students, such as the creation of Eko-Tuni, a handbook for sustainable students.
I organize 24 events: 17 talks with guests including a round table for the Skoll Forum for Social and Impact Entrepreneurs (Oxford), topics discussions and impact tea times on-line.
The beta-version of the Sisu Talks series starts. These interviews are focused on people and proven Finnish ecological solutions tackling climate change.

- 2021: I cooperate with Tampere Kaupunkki to organize 10 Eco-Impact events and I’m invited by the Pirkanmaa Liito to join the Murrosagentti network. Some interviews are on the YT channel.