Creating content and making change agents more visible

Based on my experience with the communication of my own impact company Solar Fire (+300 articles and thousands of views), I am supporting entrepreneurs willing to reinforce their communication strategy and operations. Contact me.

With Sepia Agency I’m also creating authentic events and contents to inspire people and give them inspiration and courage.

- Sustainable Tampere is a website run by Sepia since 2019 and meant to highlight events and change makers. Tampere City supported the translation of Sustainable Tampere in Finnish in 2021.

- Cooperation with Tampere Kaupunkki in 2021 to organize 10 Eco-Impact events to raise more awareness among citizens.

- Pirkanmaa Liito offers in 2020 to join the Murrosagentti / Change agents network and to make a series of Sisu-talks interviews. Sisu is a Finnish word for keeping courage when it’s -25°C and there are only a few potatoes left. The interviews are focused on proven Finnish ecological solutions and people tackling climate change.

- Creation of the first Sustainability & Impact Club of Tampere University and create a plateform to highlight the challenges taken by the students, such as the creation of Eko-Tuni, a handbook for sustainable students. I organized 24 events in 2019-2020.