Eva Wissenz is a gardener, poet, author of 12 books, many translations and short stories published in French by Seepia and elsewhere, publisher and journalist member of the French JNE (Journalistes pour la Nature et l’Environnement). Eva is involved in alternatives since 8 years and is also dedicated to spread fair solar energy access in emergent countries.
Before that Eva had 15 years experience as free-lance in French publishing and media (Michelin Guide, Hachette and Gallimard, including chief editor for the Zurban Guides, chief editor at the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau). As editor, she has worked on exhibition catalogs of the Galerie J. Kugel in Paris (2000-2010) and has also cooperated with the Modern Art Museum Pompidou organizing conferences. She was also Assistant Teacher at LaSorbonne Uni in Paris, she has translated over a dozen works from Italian (published in France by Allia, Actes Sud, Fayard...) and done live transcriptions at the Autumn Festival of Paris and the Festival of Palermo.


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